Intelligent, Innovative Investing

Pathfinder takes both a top-down (macro-economic) view and a bottoms-up (fundamental, property-level) approach to underwriting each and every investment. Pathfinder’s deep relationships offer us access to unique investment opportunities. Our innovative approach to managing the properties creates opportunities for superior returns.

We seek to create value through investments that are:

Opportunistic and Distressed

Diversified Sourcing Creates Diversified PortfolioWe capitalize upon market inefficiencies, lenders facing regulatory scrutiny, over-leveraged investors, liquidating funds, long-term owners/estates and other special situations involving motivated sellers seeking transactions with a certainty of closing. We also seek to identify catalysts for change and changes in neighborhoods and market cycles.


We seek to reposition assets through creative and comprehensive asset management, aggressive leasing and targeted capital improvements to make properties suitable for subsequent sale following a period of stabilization.

Core Investments

We will also consider select core investments that are characterized by relatively low vacancy rates, limited capital expenditure requirements and positive cash flow. Typically, we seek a catalyst which could lead to value creation. Catalysts could include longer-term changes in the neighborhood or above average lease roll-over risk or leases that are below current and projected market rates.