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Intelligent, Innovative InvestingTM

Pathfinder takes both a top-down (macro-economic) view and a bottoms-up (fundamental, property-level) approach to underwriting each and every investment. Pathfinder’s deep relationships offer us access to unique investment opportunities. Our innovative approach to managing the properties creates opportunities for superior returns. We seek to create value through investments that are:

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Pathfinder Target Markets

Pathfinder Target Markets

Our investment strategy involves not only choosing the right properties, but choosing target markets that are economically resilient. Our six primary markets benefit from jobs in resilient sectors, like technology, finance and government and have lower concentration of jobs in vulnerable industries, like tourism, capital goods manufacturing and energy/natural resources. See our Pathfinder Economic Resiliency IndexTM (PERITM) to learn more.

Why We Like Apartments

Multifamily is Highly Resilient


Relative to other real estate sectors like hospitality, retail and office, multifamily maintains high occupancies and experiences strong rent collections even in turbulent times

Availability of Low-Cost Debt

Low Cost Debt

Multifamily is a preferred asset class and debt is widely available from a variety of sources

Declining Homeownership

For Rent

The homeownership rate has declined from 69% to 64% over the past decade, causing millions of former homeowners to rent

Favorable Demographics


The 73 million Millennials, a generation now larger than the Baby Boomers, are delaying marriage and family formation and value mobility, driving them to rent much longer than previous generations

Our Current Fund

Income Fund

Pathfinder Partners Income Fund, L.P. ("Income Fund")

Income Fund intends to make investments in a diversified portfolio of multifamily properties, comprised primarily of stabilized, well-located, Class-B apartments in growing markets with attractive demographics. Pathfinder will pursue investments where the current housing supply/demand imbalance is pronounced resulting in expected above-market rent growth and occupancy levels. Pathfinder believes the Fund benefits from several attractive market dynamics and the General Partner’s vast experience and relationships.

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